tyne house illuminated letters

Tyne House

Newcastle Upon Tyne

Reanimating the space with cutting-edge spatial design

This encompassing spatial design project aimed to restore warmth to the premises, shaping signage and wayfinding to establish a welcoming space. Tasked with redesigning the dated office building, we revitalised the space through 3D halo lit letters for exterior signage and a rich colour palette to compliment newly refurbished floor plates.

At Studio One, we believe that spatial design is crucial in maintaining a space that communicates your brand to your target audience from the moment they step through the door. 

tyne house acrilic lettering
tyne house health and safety signs
tyne house interior design
tyne house logo design

Developing a warm, welcoming entrance space is rooted in inventive design and clear wayfinding. Our professionals worked to revitalise the previously tired premises, installing stylish and coherent wayfinding throughout each floor and communal space.

Striking spatial design has the power to redefine the interior and exterior of any building, reinforcing business messages and targeting specific audiences. For Tyne House, we created a new building identity through a linear monogram design, mirroring the architectural lines of the building and the Tyne Bridge.

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