Tileyard North


The creative destination of The North

At Studio One, we’re experts in creating transformative signage and wayfinding. With digital and design innovation, we developed the brand identity for the iconic northern hub, Tileyard at Tileyard North. Situated within an entirely restored historic mill in Wakefield, our designs have introduced fresh materials to the space whilst utilising the original foundation of the brand to celebrate the building’s heritage.

Tileyard is a community of artists and businesses globally recognised for their creativity and innovation. Their mission is to rebuild the creative industry brick by brick through the expansion and modification of new spaces for expression and imagination. Tileyard North is the newest addition to their collection and is set to become the UK’s largest creative community outside of London.

tileyard blade sign design and installation
tileyard building lettering installation
tileyard building lettering
tileyard planning

Our team of creatives has crafted a set of interior and exterior wayfinding signs, using various materials that match the contemporary and industrial look of the space. Additionally, we have designed tenant signage that can easily be updated, using a mix of acrylics, to provide flexibility across the property.

To accommodate the size of the project, we crafted large format steel courtyard signage, to enhance the space and ensure the building's wayfinding remains relevant for years to come.

To ensure that the mill's age was respected, Corten effects were used consistently throughout the project. The color scheme of Tileyard London's designs was also taken into careful consideration, resulting in a striking contrast with the use of black detailing and anthracite.

tileyard wayfinding signage design
tileyard tenant plates manufacture
tileyard toilet signs design
tileyard hoarding installation
tileyard orientation signage
tileyard vinyl floor numbers

Creativity is at the heart of Tileyard North and spreads throughout the entire company. We have created building guides for the materials with careful consideration of the architects' original design. These guides ensure that the wayfinding and branding are present throughout all stages of the project. 

tileyard building letters design
tileyard external signage