the skin shop logo design harrogate

The Skin Shop


Emulating style with skilful branding

We know that effective branding has the power to attract new customers, enhance client retention and elevate a company as an industry leader. With the upcoming launch of a new beauty range, The Skin Shop approached our expert team to craft and materialise a fresh, fashionable brand identity for their organisation.

Considering the flawless aesthetic of the beauty industry, our innovative designers mimicked immaculate complexions with uniform, monochrome designs to produce refreshed brand assets.

the skin shop brand design harrogate
the skin shop logo creation harrogate
the skin shop pattern design harrogate
the skin shop packaging design harrogate

When operating within the retail industry, customer experience is always at the forefront of our minds. From branded bags to personalised wraps, our creative team worked with the client to craft sleek packaging designs to complement the company. Whether it's the recognisable pattern or the monochrome colour scheme, we paid close attention to every decision of the branding process.