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The Exchange


A refreshing new approach with sustainability at its core

With Harrogate's fashionable town centre on the doorstep of The Exchange, it was befitting to develop a fresh brand identity, complementary colour palette and stylish website with sophistication, luxury and professionalism at the forefront of our minds.

Our designers crafted geometric patterns for use on manifestations across entrance glazing and internal meeting rooms, alongside exterior and interior wayfinding to guide occupiers and visitors through the space. Making conscious, sustainable decisions at every stage, we reinvented the wayfinding with finesse and flair.

the exchange harrogate 3d lettering reception
the exchange harrogate window graphics
the exchange harrogate window graphics
the exchange harrogate website design

Our expert designers developed the original building logo and paired with a primary colour palette of black, gold and grey tones. The new, contemporary colour palette reflects luxury and professionalism, paving the way for creative minds and advancing businesses to thrive and flourish within the building.

Our clients were passionate to refurbish the space as opposed to building from scratch. Considering this, we endeavoured to reduce the use of embodied carbon and raw materials to make way for recycled acrylic and repurposed graphics.

With conscious, careful planning, our specialists continued to optimise the green credentials of the structure, reducing the building's carbon footprint without compromising on quality.

From concept design through to web development, our team understood, built, and managed the website with creative flair and specialist expertise.

The geometry of the building lends itself perfectly to pattern creation, as paired back line drawings complete the website aesthetic. With the fresh, tangible colour palette and a new brand identity, we ensured the website reflected the building's evolution.

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the exchange harrogate motion design
the exchange harrogate 3d lettering