South Harrington


Brand identity inspired by local surroundings

When our creatives approached the South Harrington project, we began to honour the positioning of the building on the Mersey through nautical brand imagery and retained original features. 

This multi-tenanted building can be found on the former Harrington dock in Liverpool and contains a vibrant mix of offices and suites set within communal spaces. Through design, digital and signage innovation, our experts crafted the brand identity, considering the nuances of the building and its tenants at every stage.

south harrington logo animation
south harrington tray sign liverpool
south harrington building signage
south harrington web

Taking inspiration from the building’s surroundings, the icon for the building was crafted on the lines of a shipping stamp with a wave to denote the Mersey. With bespoke interior and exterior wayfinding, the colour palette is a suite of nautical inspired colours with a touch of gold for opulence.

The new responsive website for South Harrington was an exercise in duality, combining the stylish design of the refreshed brand identity with a sleek functional website. The site and brochures are brought to life with consistent colours and high-quality imagery, designed, built and maintained by Studio One.

south harrington property brochure
south harrington office directory
south harrington sign fixings
south harrington building tenant directory
south harrington wall signs
south harrington office tenant sign

We designed and manufactured interior and exterior wayfinding, alongside full exterior signage and a monolith to infuse the modern brand throughout the entire site. Utilising a combination of birch ply, gold acrylic and nautical blues, the wayfinding enriches this sophisticated space.

south harrington bespoke wallpaper
south harrington monolith liverpool