Creating atmosphere with interactive spacial identity

This full-scale spacial identity project took inspiration from the name of the ‘Woodlands’ children’s ward at Harrogate District Hospital. Tasked with redesigning this department, we brought the space to life through themed visuals and physical objects.

By carefully considering the patient journey, we applied our creativity and skill in unlocking the potential within the respective areas to evoke atmosphere and emotion. The result? A calming, friendly space to help children feel safe and secure.

nhs full colour print
characters design
nhs interior design
nhs spatial design

Using the creatures and physical space of a woodland environment as our starting point, we designed a series of landscapes, characters and habitats to be creatively integrated with the hospital environs. We applied our designs in such a way to provide a sense of continuity between the outpatient's department and ward.

Through clever use of space, we produced a cohesive feel in all areas, from outpatients to the Woodlands ward, including all side rooms and corridors, reception, nurses’ room, two treatment rooms, four bedside rooms, corridors and an activity room. 

For example, small vignettes of scenes were applied to the walls in between treatment areas, and furniture was carefully chosen to compliment our designs.

wall art
nhs graphic design
nhs chidrens hospital graphics
room wall art
nhs tray signs
nhs illuminated ceiling graphics

To create a fully immersive and experiential space, we added elements of interactivity throughout, including themed chalkboards, drawing areas and fun and friendly phrases on the walls.

We added finishing touches to complete the look and feel of the space with branded mugs and activity wear.

nhs hospital design
nhs branded garments