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Harvest Energy


Brand, design, digital and signage for an evolving petroleum company

Working with Futura Petroleum for over a decade, we created their brand "Harvest Energy" as a new forecourt retailer. During this time, all four of our services were embraced to showcase Harvest Energy as a brand at the leading edge of the petroleum industry.

From conceptualising the logo through to surveying, designing and installing over 100 branded forecourts across the UK, we also designed branding for Harvest Energy's fleet of petrol tankers, as well as exhibitions and various marketing collateral.

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The concept for Harvest Energy’s logo was inspired by a butterfly emerging from a chrysalis. We chose the butterfly, not only as a delicate symbol of beauty and life, but also as representation of the company’s evolution from Futura Petroleum.

Harvest Energy’s credentials as an environmentally-focused business were in sharp focus throughout, with a fresh colour palette and shapes redolent of the natural world.

All aspects of each petrol forecourt were designed and project managed by Studio One, including the canopies, monolith signs, LEDs, forecourt illuminations and signage. 

Over the course of more than a decade, we also designed hundreds of advertisements across multiple media outlets, including Downstream and Forecourt Trader. All marketing collateral, exhibition design, photography and digital were created by Studio One for the expanding business.

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We are proud to have carried the Harvest Energy brand forward, maximising its exposure at the forefront of the petroleum industry.

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