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Cavendish House


Striking design and specialist brand creation

Inspired by the river and local symbols of shipbuilding on Stockton-on-Tees, our specialist team imagined a new brand identity and refreshed the interior reception for Cavendish House. We aimed to breathe new life into the building, crafting a fresh, admirable space for tenants to take pride in.

The breakout seating area is enhanced by a customised, large-scale wall wrap featuring a vintage map of the region. This highlights the site's distinctive legacy and firmly places it in the heart of Teesside.

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cavendish house reception area

The reception area has been enhanced with softwood wall panels and a beautiful teal colour scheme, complemented by modern seating and faux plants. Bespoke framed wall art featuring local bridges in a duotone effect, creates a new backdrop for the reception, creating a striking juxtaposition with the vintage map.

We revamped the reception desk by incorporating wood wall panels to create a more sustainable and stylish workspace. Our team also enlarged the desk and added soft pendant lighting with vintage Edison bulbs to create a warm ambience. To add a pop of colour and complement the breakout area, we chose a unique braided cable for the new lighting feature.

cavendish house reception desk
cavendish house pendant lighting
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cavendish house reception area
cavendish house sign design
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Our design team curated a colour palette with the entire space in mind. Incorporating cool greys, teal and bright accent colours to tie in with the bespoke wall art which we designed, printed and framed within the spaces.

The refurbished bathrooms now boast bright abstract wall art, inspired by the sea, ensuring visitors have an entirely coherent experience.

cavendish house reception seating area
cavendish house plants detail