birchwood woodland walk signage design

Birchwood Point


Emulating surrounding nature with striking signage

With a woodland escape surrounding the premises on all sides, our client envisioned a new work community with the luxury to break out, walk, cycle and picnic in the neighbouring forest. To truly recognise the significance of the area, our expert team researched the unique habitats, animals, birds and shrubs that merged to form the diverse woodland. 

By carefully considering the woodland landscape and those lucky enough to experience it, our designers crafted vibrant illustrations, informative signage and helpful wayfinding to ensure that our client's vision was brought to life.

birchwood woodland walk digital print
birchwood woodland walk panel and post
birchwood woodland walk wayfinding design
birchwood woodland walk illustration

The wooded area wraps itself around the office building, offering a nearby sanctuary for workers and employees to unwind. Our innovators designed and digitally printed three large orientation colour maps, using a wood effect backdrop and soft green colour palette to marry in with surrounding nature.