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Airport West


Revive. Renew. Refurbish.

Tasked with replacing a tired monolith, and in collaboration with client Carter Towler, we took an innovative and refreshing approach. Demonstrating our commitment to recycling and sustainability, we chose to revive instead of replace.

We are committed to sustainability and aim to revitalise old signs into lively, environmentally friendly ones. Our focus is on aligning our green values with the creation of signage that benefits both our clients and the planet.

west monolith
west renewable materials
west monolith walking 2
west before after

Our design process is at the heart of all of our projects. We commit to creating sustainable signs, refurbishing and renewing whenever possible.

Retaining the original framework of this monolith, our designers have crafted new vibrant graphics, and presented the refurbished sign, providing new and clear wayfinding for this Business Park.

By embracing recycling, we breathe new life into antiquated signage and build upon our sustainable ethos. We invest in recycled and British made products at every opportunity.