Why Hiring a Design Agency for Commercial Signage Boosts Your Brand's Success

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Commercial Property Placemaking Design

Commercial property is an integral part of the business world. It includes many properties, such as office buildings, retail spaces, warehouses, etc. The design and appearance of these properties can significantly impact the success of each business that resides within them. Hiring the right design agency is essential to lead the entire brand design.

At Studio One, we have over twenty years of experience working with National property management companies, including CB Richard Ellis, CEG and Knight Frank, creating building identities, from logo creation to manufacture and installation.

A well-designed commercial property created by Studio One, with a placemaking strategy, will attract more customers, increase employee productivity, create a positive image for the business, and increase revenue.

Building Identity

A logo is an essential part of a business's identity. It represents the company's values and mission and is often the first thing customers see when interacting with the brand and the building. Studio One can create a logo that reflects the company's values and vision. They can also ensure the logo is visually appealing, memorable, and timeless. All future aspects of the brand's touchpoints will be considered during the design process, including signage, interior and finishes.

Wayfinding Design

Directional design refers to creating signs, banners, and other elements that help guide customers through the commercial property. A well-designed directional system can make it easy for customers to navigate the property, find what they want, and have a positive experience. Studio One has a proven track record of creating directional systems that are easy to understand, visually appealing, updateable and consistent with the company's brand identity.

Exterior Signage

The exterior design of a commercial property is often the first thing customers see when interacting with the brand. A well-designed external sign or signs can make a positive first impression and create a sense of trust and credibility. Studio One can help create a visually appealing, memorable design consistent with the company's brand identity.

The Benefits of Studio One

Studio One aims to use more sustainable and renewable materials to improve clients' environmental credentials and actively seeks to re-furbish existing materials in many buildings. We are taking redundant acrylic directional signs and designing them into wall art pieces, stripping, cleaning and upcycling glass panels, and turning what was once an eyesore into unique wall art.

The days of constantly replacing with new are gone; instead, recycling and re-investing in what you have is growing in popularity.

By choosing this eco-friendly concept and creatively reusing and refurbishing what you already have, you can hit your carbon footprint targets whilst designing your space exactly how you envisioned it.

Only a few design agencies can provide manufacture & installation services in-house, which ensure that the design elements are produced to a high level and installed correctly and safely. Studio One has the expertise and experience needed to design, manufacture, install and upkeep effective designs that meet the needs of the business.

  1. Consistency

    Ensure all design elements align with the company's brand identity and vision.

  2. Time Savings

    Save time for businesses, as they can focus on their core activities while the agency handles the design project.

  3. Cost Savings

    Save costs by leveraging its expertise and connections to source materials and services at a lower price.

  4. Quality

    Ensures all design elements are high quality and fit for purpose, offering longevity and update ability for the needs of a multi-tenanted building.

  5. Sustainability

    Design and help maintain your carbon footprint low whilst maintaining aesthetic appeal.

In conclusion, commercial property design is essential to a building’s success. Studio One will provide expertise and experience and give businesses a competitive advantage in the market, attracting more customers and increasing tenant interest.