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Motion graphics have become one of the most effective ways to catch a user's attention. In our ever-developing digital era, many brands are moving their mindsets away from still images.

Static images were once able to capture people's full attention, engaging them and encouraging them to buy into a brand. But the capacity for wonder has grown over the years. The effects and movements of motion graphics can hypnotise viewers and it's all just a click away.

Today, videos and reels are the most popular online format for information and entertainment, having an audience reach of 92%. People rely on videos to communicate and advertise themselves and their brands. It is vital for businesses to invest in video creation if they wish to continue to feed consumer appetites and adhere to social algorithms.

Despite the popularity of this medium, it is important not to flood the brand's communication channels with moving messages. Instead, take advantage of their power, especially in cases where the brand allow dynamism with no interference to the main message.

What are the benefits of motion graphics?

Motion graphics are a great tool to elicit an emotional response from viewers, making them indispensable to a business's marketing strategy. They are also one of the best ways to entertain, interact and build relationships with viewers.

Although the benefits of creating moving messages are plentiful, we have gathered 3 of the biggest advantages that motion graphics offer.

1. Greater Control Over Your Viewer's Experience of the Narrative

Videos are the perfect opportunity to create an interactive experience for your user. By catching their attention with moving graphics, you are able to direct them to CTAs and guide them around the site.

Memorable stories can be built around a video to encourage people to buy into your brand ethos and engage with the site for longer.

2. Great for Explaining Processes and Systems

Studies have shown that as humans we process information from videos faster and retain it for longer. When explaining processes, videos allow large amounts of information to be conveyed in a digestible and accessible way. In fact, viewers retain 95% of a video's message compared to 10% when reading text.

Providing useful videos to assist viewers will increase sales, engagement and satisfaction.

3. The Popularity of Videos on Social Media is at an All-Time High

The increased reliance on social media over the last few years has changed the way we gather our information. This year, the current average viewer spends 100 minutes a day watching digital videos.

Creating digital content can be time consuming and expensive. However, videos can be repurposed across multiple different platforms and are incredibly shareable. This means that more people will see the content, and you will have a greater return on investment.

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