A Guide to Sustainable Design: Recycled Signage and Eco-Friendly Materials

sustainable design

Climate change awareness has escalated over recent years, and more people are choosing eco-friendly options when designing their homes and businesses. At Studio One, we aim to reduce our carbon footprint and strive to continue pursuing a renewable and sustainable design ethos where possible.

With more people prioritising carbon offsetting, materials are upcycled, reused and refurbished. This environmental justice is central to sustainable design.

Sustainable Materials

Sustainable design materials can be long-lasting and energy-efficient, keeping your carbon footprint low while maintaining aesthetic appeal.

Many sustainable and renewable materials, including wood and stone, are readily available. Recycled materials also offer a more eco-friendly option as they do not rely on single-use resources; they are also often cheaper.

Durable materials such as Bamboo have a much longer lifespan and rarely need replacing. Bamboo plants absorb carbon dioxide and produce oxygen; this makes it one of the most environmentally friendly materials on the market. Bamboo has 35% more oxygen than equivalent trees.

Whilst materials such as cork, birch, and aluminium are all great for the environment, be sure to check that they have not been produced in a harmful way.

How To Ensure Your Materials Are Sustainable?

Sourcing your materials from a trustworthy and reliable brand is a priority. These brands often have a dedicated page on their website documenting how they ensure sustainability throughout their company and supply chain.

It is essential to always research before purchasing furniture or materials from any brand if you wish to be fully sustainable.

What Is Recycled Signage?

Studio One aims to use more sustainable and renewable materials to improve clients' environmental credentials and actively seeks to re-furbish existing materials in many buildings. We are taking redundant acrylic directional signs and designing them into wall art pieces, stripping, cleaning and upcycling glass panels, and turning what was once an eyesore into unique wall art.

The days of constantly replacing with new are gone; instead, recycling and re-investing in what you have is growing in popularity.

By choosing this eco-friendly concept and creatively reusing and refurbishing what you already have, you can hit your carbon footprint targets whilst designing your space exactly how you envisioned it.

Our Services

If you want help refurbishing your exterior or interior signage whilst re-branding and upgrading your commercial building, our dedicated team would be happy to help you.

We can advise you on which items can be reused, what sustainable materials best suit your project, and how we can help make your vision come to life. Contact Studio One today.